De-Marx Your Mind

Marxism has become assumed without being named.

For generations the media and universities have been dominated by Marxist ideology, ideology that has never proven itself valid in time and space with real people and societies. Still, it rules within the elite because it allows manipulation and requires godlessness.

Marx: Class struggle is ultimate.

Whenever we think that a person's income determines their politics, we're being Marxist.

Marx: The oppressed must violently overthrow oppressor.

Whenever we assume the underdog is right simply because they're the underdog, we're being Marxist.

What is cultural Marxism?
Why is it a problem?

We need to know not out of idle, speculative interest, but because it is a shaper of the world today, the world we must function and minister in and the world we must prepare our children for.

Assumptions that used to lie hidden are coming more and more out into the open, and we are not prepared to properly identify them or respond to them.

"The ideas and thoughts that are shared here have been encouraging and challenging as I learn. I’ve also loved the spring seminars and the mentorship opportunities on the Sophie level!"

— Sarah Springer, Sistership Sophie

Marxism pervades the western world.

One reason we read and learn is to be able to understand what is going on in the world around us. We don't want to be in our own little safe bubble where we don't touch those around us with wisdom and grace and gospel truth.
The reality about our own time is that our cultural and social assumptions are Marxist.

That's not just a bad name to call people with whom we disagree. It's a thing. In Marxist thought, your guilt is not personal responsibility but rather group guilt. You aren't an individual with rights and responsibilities in Marxist thought, you are a part of a group that either has power or doesn't. Utopia comes when the underprivileged classes overthrow the privileged classes.

Knowing this very practical philosophy that is guiding so many social movements right now is crucial if we're going to be and send out an effective witness. Marxism is a philosophy that comes out people's fingertips and it is antithetical to Christianity.



A small band of homeschooling moms are preparing themselves for today's cultural milieu.  We are outfitting ourselves for the spiritual warfare of our day by reading primary sources and solid analysis.

By the end of our 12-week study, we will be able to identify Marxism, define it, and respond with wisdom and grace to its effects in our society.

These are the books we're reading and discussing together:

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx

True understanding should begin by taking the primary source at its word. What did Marx himself actually say? The Manifesto only takes about an hour to read, but you'll never look at modern politics the same after you read it.

Agis & Cleomenes


Communism is not actually a new idea. It's been tried after Marx, but it's also been tried before Marx. Our study of Plutarch will show us many different motivations behind communist efforts and give us opportunity to discuss class struggle outside our modern hot button issues.

That Hideous Strength: A Deeper Look at How the West Was Lost

Melvin Tinker

Tinker was a British minister who saw how anti-Christian Marxist thought is. He demonstrates that the social issues of our day are spiritual battles not to be ignored. Tinker will help us explore applications of our newfound knowledge.

The conversation is happening now!

We want to grow in discernment and wisdom so we can respond with grace and gospel to the issues of our day.

Our emphasis while we read this books will be on practical application in our own spheres as homeschooling moms.

We don't want to just know more. We want to be able to teach and live better with a better understanding of what's actually going on in the world around us.

It's not too late to join us.


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In Sistership I am encouraged to read more and think deeper--it's great!

— Hilary Sharrar

Hi! We're the Scholé Sisters.

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We are passionate about reclaiming and pursuing our own education, and we know that real education happens best in community.

We desire to see a grassroots resurgence in the liberal arts, especially dialectic, the lost of of truth-seeking conversation.

So we created a not-on-Facebook place for reading, thinking homeschool moms to gather and engage in meaningful, fruitful conversation.

We called it Sistership, and we'd love to have you join us.

Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill
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Homeschooling is so much more than the daily grind.

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- Jami Marstall

"As a beginner homeschooling momma who is trying to reeducate myself I find this group so life giving, inspiring and motivating towards self-discipline in a way I have never been before."

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We can't give what we don't have.

But we can give a lifelong love of knowledge and learning when we ourselves have that lifelong love and practice. Let's keep the fire flaming within ourselves.


The best teachers are found in the best books. In Sistership, we read much more than just books on education. We read widely.


Reading does you no good if you don't think about it. In Sistership, we don't let information go in one ear and out the other. We think deeply.


We don't truly know or believe an idea until we're practicing it. Virtue is our aim, so we always bring ideas around to practices. We apply faithfully.

Read widely, think deeply, and apply faithfully - with us.

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Pursue the education you wish you had & learn to pass it on.

  • Participate in online book clubs inside Sistership.
  • Interact and study with mentors in classical homeschooling.
  • Get annual Scholé swag - at no extra cost!
  • Receive teacher training with intensives in Plutarch, Shakespeare, & more.
  • Expand your self-education with seminars & trainings.