Education starts with habits.

The stickiest habits are bad habits.

We try to give our kids good habits and a strong foundation in the early years, but it is exhausting.

As they get older, we don't see fruit from our habit training. In the name of good habits, we nag.

Habits are supposed to be the magic, but the habits that are strongest in us all are the bad ones.

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Build good habits without nagging


Homeschool Essentials: Habit

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"The formation of habits is education and education is the formation of habits."
- Charlotte Mason

Habits are vital to our homeschools.

But habit-building is exhausting because habits are not a quick fix.


We can't install habits like we install an app. Building habits is like a tower built up brick by brick.


It's always easier to be bad than good until those good habits are thoroughly entrenched - but sin is always crouching at the door.


The habits of your home & family - both good and bad - are the tug of normal in our hearts and minds.

Come spend the day with practical, hands-on, conversational and relational sessions that will help you

  • see what you're already doing but not "counting" as habits
  • improve your children's responses to correction
  • add more habit practice in less time, with less strain
  • make habits fun and relationship-building

A professional development day for homeschool moms.

Ideal for new and experienced homeschooling moms from all backgrounds, the Habit Essentials Retreat will help you:

  • Value habit training as essential to education.
  • Approach habit change with understanding, not stress.
  • See how learning and habit and love are all connected.
  • Practice habit-formation techniques you can use in your homeschool.
  • Add intentional, meaningful habit-building methods at home.

2022 Local Online Retreat

lifetime access: $37.99

"I really enjoyed this retreat. So much encouragement to dig deeper, ponder and contemplate. To take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. The perfect balance of philosophy and practice. Thank you!"

— Angelique Knauff

Hi - We're the Scholé Sisters!

And, like you, we homeschool our kids - for better or for worse.

We all have struggled feeling like our abilities did not match up to our vocation as a homeschool mom. We have hard and rough days that include yelling, huffy comments, and messy houses. We can cry about that (and sometimes we do). Or, we can laugh. We think we should choose laughter more often.

Homeschooling well can be an overwhelming and lonely task. We will give you practical help to make it less overwhelming and connect you with sisters who can relate to what you are going through and who will help you grow in love of God, your family, and wisdom as you do.

  • Brandy Vencel
  • Mystie Winckler
  • Abby Wahl

"These women and the resources they offer have encouraged me probably more than anything along my homeschool journey. The retreats feel like meeting with wise, godly friends and mentors."

— Lindsay Ronning

Invite some friends! Make it a real retreat.

We want local connections and face-to-face discussion to be easy for you to do.

If you want to plan a local “teacher’s inservice day” for your own homeschool community at a local church, library, home, conference room, other retreat venue, or virtually – we’ll help you make it a day to remember.

Your local retreat gathering can happen live or be scheduled after October 9 with the recordings on your own time table.

Your local attendees will only pay $25 to attend (plus food costs if you do a catered meal), scoring a $13 discount off the regular price AND still receiving the replay recordings after the group invoice is paid. Part of that $25 will reimburse your own hostess kit cost and we will invoice you for $22/person after you submit a photo of your registration sheet (provided in the kit).

PLUS, as a hostess, you'll be invited into the Local Leader's Sistership Group with dozens of other local hostesses, several of whom have done events for 5 years now.

Use this Homeschool Essentials Retreat as an excuse to gather homeschool moms together and foster meaningful connections and relationships. We make it easy, promise.

Become a hostess

This is my 3rd year to host, and my 4th year to do the retreat. It was a small group in 2020, but we had great conversation. My mind and my heart are full, thinking about all these things as I'm getting my boys into bed. I got tackle hugs as I came in the door from being gone all day, and a run down of all the fun things they did with Daddy. I'm thankful for the day off, but glad to be home with my boys again. Thank you, ladies, for investing in me and my friends and, by extension, investing in my family.
— Rachael Younger

Habits make lifelong learners.

Session 1

Habits: What are they?

Habits dictate a huge percentage of our actions, which makes them both essential and mysterious. In this session, Brandy, Mystie, and Abby will discuss how habits are integral to our entire homeschool atmosphere & curriculum and why bad habits are stronger than good ones.

Session 2

Habits: Why prioritize them?

Habits never come with a scope and sequence or curriculum guide, but they are the backbone of our home life and education. Brandy, Mystie, and Abby will share not only what research says about habits, but also the effects they've seen in their own homeschooled students and in their own lives.

Session 3

Habits: How to create them.

The same principles can be applied in a variety of ways and rarely look the same across families. During this session Brandy, Mystie, and Abby will share what they have done, what has and has not worked, a habit-formation process and plan, and tips and tricks they've picked up over the years.

Session 4

Habits: What to build first & next.

Whether you need help narrowing down what to start with for preschoolers or how to change things up to keep it relevant with teens, Brandy, Mystie, and Abby will walk through the stages of education, spotlighting the best practices and priorities in each stage.

Plus, every session will have an application wrap-up segment where Abby will help you reflect on the material and be prepared and excited to apply it in your own home.

This is the teacher's development day you need.



The retreat will be broadcast live using Crowdcast. When you register, you will get email reminders with links 30 minutes before the sessions begin and you can also sign up to get text reminders with links as well.

If you are watching live on October 8, there will also be Zoom discussion groups available between sessions.

The replays will be available within your account on the Scholé Sisters website in a fun and easy-to-navigate format.

All the printable resources for the retreat are already available within the retreat area, which you get instant access to as soon as you register.


When you register for the Homeschool Essentials: HABITS Retreat, you get

  • FOUR live online workshops on Saturday, October 8 designed to inspire you and provide actionable steps to help you improve your homeschool practices & mindset.
  • Printable schedule of workshops and chats to help you plan your online retreat day.
  • Questions and prompts printables to help you apply and think through what you've learned.
  • Lifetime access to the replays.
  • Resources to help you hostess an in-person retreat day with these talks for your local community


We do not currently have the ability to deliver the replays via DVD.

However, afterwards, we can make the recordings available via download or audio only for those with poor internet connections.


Registration for the retreat is $37.99 and includes lifetime access to the replays, including downloadable audio-only versions.

We do have group rates available and a special for hostesses who want to make a retreat day of it with their friends in-person, either live or later.
Click here for more information on putting together a local group.


This retreat is for homeschool moms who want more out of their school day than just checking boxes and getting it done.

It is for moms who want to learn and grow themselves while they are helping their children learn and grow.

It is for women who want to engage their hearts, minds, and actions in the pursuit of wisdom and truth.

We hope that's you.


We feel you! Our retreat is broadcast on another platform that is simpler to use and provides a better chat functionality with other attendees.

Also, after the event, the replays will be available to watch on your own terms within your account area and you will also have audio-only versions that can be played off the site or downloaded.


We highly encourage you to do so! Now more than ever we need to be intentional about building our friendships and strengthening our local connections.

We have discounts and extra helps and resources for you to make a fun day of it with your friends, whether you do it live on October 8 or with the replays on another day.

Click here to find the resources for local hostesses.


We offer a 30-day (after the retreat), no-questions-asked refund policy.

If, for whatever reason, the Scholé Sisters online retreat does not leave you refreshed and energized, let us know and we'll give you your money back within 36 hours of receiving your email request.

"Although I am a homeschooling mom of many many years I still enjoy honing my own teaching abilities. The Scholé Sisters retreats always meet and surpass my expectations! I enjoy the individual sessions and LOVE the group teaching! These gals have so much to offer. Thank you!"

— Robin Mureiko

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work you all put into this retreat so that busy moms can be refreshed for the tasks of motherhood and homeschooling.  I don't really have any mentors in real life. But I'm thankful you have put technology to use, offering godly mentorship from afar. "

— Kim Coleman

Read widely. Think deeply. Apply faithfully.