Friendships take time.

Be the one to build local community.

Host an intentional, refreshing day away from home so you can build friendships and confidence.

Our retreats are geared toward a general Christian homeschool mom audience so you can foster local community with no-fluff encouragement. We won't spring Aristotle on your friends, we promise.

Order your digital hostess kit!

"I really enjoyed this retreat. So much encouragement to dig deeper, ponder and contemplate. To take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. The perfect balance of philosophy and practice. Thank you!"

— Angelique Knauff

Take time for what matters.


Homeschool Essentials: Time


SOLD OUT $42.99 - physical hostess kit (mailed to you) checklists, resources, and goodies
$37.99 - digital-only hostess kit (download pdfs) checklists and resources

$25/person for attendees,
and they get lifetime access, too

Time is hard to spare, but a day away is an investment in yourself as a homeschool mom and an investment in your local community.

Friendships take time and connection
over more than small talk.

Come spend the day with practical, hands-on, conversational, and relational sessions that will help you and your friends

  • reframe your school "hours"
  • value & wisely direct your student's "free" time
  • get the most out of the limited time you have
  • prioritize what truly matters

"These women and the resources they offer have encouraged me
probably more than anything along my homeschool journey.
The retreats feel like meeting with wise, godly friends and mentors."

— Lindsay Ronning

Invite some friends! Make it a real retreat.

We want local connections and face-to-face discussion to be easy for you to do.

If you want to plan a local “teacher’s inservice day” for your own homeschool community at a local church, library, home, conference room, other retreat venue, or virtually – we’ll help you make it a day to remember.

Your local retreat gathering can happen live or be scheduled after October 9 with the recordings on your own time table.

Your local attendees will only pay $25 to attend (plus food costs if you do a catered meal), scoring a $13 discount off the regular price AND still receiving the replay recordings after the group invoice is paid. Part of that $25 will reimburse your own hostess kit cost and we will invoice you for $22/person after you submit a photo of your registration sheet (provided in the kit).

PLUS, as a hostess, you'll be invited into the Local Leader's Sistership Group with dozens of other local hostesses, several of whom have done events for 5 years now.

Use this Homeschool Essentials Retreat as an excuse to gather homeschool moms together and foster meaningful connections and relationships. We make it easy, promise.

A professional development day for homeschool moms.

Ideal for new and experienced homeschooling moms from all backgrounds, the Time Essentials Retreat will help you:

  • Value the time you invest in education.
  • Know your day's limits without stress.
  • Invest your time appropriately
  • Practice effective time management
  • Balance work, rest, and leisure

2023 Local Online Retreat

$42.99 physical kit - SOLD OUT
$37.99 digital kit
lifetime access

Sound check 9:00am Pacific
First session begins at 9:30am Pacific
Final session ends at 3:45pm Pacific

I hosted my first Scholé Sisters Retreat.
It was such an encouragement to all who came!
It was a wonderful day of learning, conviction and fellowship. Several ladies asked to be included next year ... so I guess we've started a yearly retreat?!

Jocelyn Poffenroth

Time is a gift we're supposed to invest.

Session 1

Time: What does it mean?

We're always lamenting our lack of time and trying to make the most of our time, but what are we really working with as the stuff of our days? How should we approach our days and years so that we live in light of eternity - which is the absence of time.

Session 2

Time: Why care about it?

What does Scripture have to say about time? Why did God make time and limit us within it? God Himself is outside of time, and eventually He will bring us to His eternal perspective, so what should our relationship be now, where we are, on earth?

Session 3

Time: How to manage it.

Time management doesn't really exist. There is only self-management. How do we talk about, use, and relate to time and how do we align our perspective and our practices to better match reality?

Session 4

Time: Tips & tricks

Investing time does come down to best practices, even if not all practices are practicable by all. Mystie, Abby, & Brandy will share what they've done at various points in their homeschools to use their time generously, gratefully, and graciously.

Plus, every session will have an application wrap-up segment where Abby will help you reflect on the material and be prepared and excited to apply it in your own home.

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work you all put into this retreat so that busy moms can be refreshed for the tasks of motherhood and homeschooling.  I don't really have any mentors in real life. But I'm thankful you have put technology to use, offering godly mentorship from afar. "

— Kim Coleman



The retreat will be broadcast live using Crowdcast. When you register, you will get email reminders with links 30 minutes before the sessions begin and you can also sign up to get text reminders with links as well.

The replays will be available within Sistership in a fun and easy-to-navigate format for you and your attendees, but the hostess resource area will have the Viimeo video links to stream or download, too.

All the printable resources for the retreat are available within the hostess resource area, which you get instant access to as soon as you register.


The retreat will begin with a sound check at 9:00am Pacific.

The first session begins at 9:30am Pacific. There are times scheduled for discussion between the four live sessions. And the final session will end at 3:45pm Pacific

.If you are hosting your event later, you may choose to begin earlier in the day, have longer discussion times, or a longer lunch time. It's entirely up to you. You can use the timeframe of the live event to be your guide in your planning.


When you register for the Homeschool Essentials: TIME Retreat, you and your attendees get

  • FOUR live online workshops on Saturday, October 7 designed to inspire you and provide actionable steps to help you improve your homeschool practices & mindset.
  • Printable schedule of workshops and chats to help you plan your online retreat day.
  • Questions and prompts printables to help you apply and think through what you've learned.
  • Lifetime access to the replays.

When you order a physical hostess kit, you also get

  • A pretty stack of color resources - an invitation, a welcome poster, a blank schedule to fill in, registration sheets, a hostess checklist, and a flow for your retreat plan. You can make as many copies of these as you need.
  • 1 bookmark and 2 stickers for your attendees (each kit comes with stuff for 10 attendees).
  • 1 exclusive design bookmark, 2 hostess-exclusive stickers, and a Scholé Sisters mechanical pencil.
  • Purple sharpie, pink highlighter, and name tags.
  • Cash envelope, purple portfolio packet, and plastic page cover to help you keep your event organized.
  • Discussion question sheets to have on 4 different tables during your event so small groups can have meaningful conversation between sessions

When you order either a digital or physical hostess kit, you also get

  • Access to the hostess resource page with video for how to run and test your tech, documents to print off extra copies of any of the hostess kit pages.
  • Access to the local leaders group within Sistership so you can share and get ideas for building community.


The physical hostess kit is $42.99 and includes lifetime access to the replays,

The digital hostess kit is $37.99.

Your attendees will pay $25 (or more, if you need food reimbursement - at your discretion) at the door, and then you'll pay us $22 per person and we'll send them access to the replays.

Hostesses who pay their invoice and all paid attendees will also get a discount code that can be used for other events or a Sophie subscription inside Sistership.


We can, but we will have to invoice you (separately) for $15 shipping. It actually costs $20+ to ship our kits internationally, but we want to do what we can to help your local group!

A digital kit might be the best option for your group, but contact us if you have ideas for how we can help you make your retreat day special.


That's awesome! You can order a packet with supplies for 10 more people for $12. You'll get 10 more of both stickers, 10 more bookmarks, and 12 more name tags.

To order an extra pack, just hit reply to your receipt email and ask. Hayley will invoice you and we'll ship it First Class.


It can be helpful to get people to commit ahead of time, but it's not required. You make the best call for your local group.

You will turn in your group registration form to us after your local event, so you only pay for people who were actually there.


We do not currently have the ability to deliver the replays via DVD.

However, afterwards, we can make the recordings available via download or audio only for those with poor internet connections.


We offer a 30-day (after the retreat), no-questions-asked refund policy.

If, for whatever reason, the Scholé Sisters online retreat does not leave you refreshed and energized, let us know and we'll give you your money back within 36 hours of receiving your email request.

This is the teacher's development day your local community needs.

Host it live or later.


"We had a lovely event at my farm on Saturday! Thank you for all the work the Scholé Sisters have done putting the retreat together. We're looking forward to doing it again (in fact, I've been asked to start an email list and host something every term... oops, I've started something - building community is wonderful!)."

— Amy Houston

Read widely. Think deeply. Apply faithfully.